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# puz

I got sick of badly formatted printable crosswords. So in a rage I set to writing my own parser for .puz files files. I then used puppeteer to make a nice printable pdf version. The print command is janky as all, but it lets me print my morning crossword from the terminal.

## Install

yarn install puz-cli

## puz pdf

puz pdf crossword.puz -o myCrossword.pdf
Converts a puz file to a pdf
-o, --output Choose the output file path, defaults to the same as the input -d, --debugTemplate Output the html file that is given to puppeteer

## puz print

puz print crossword.puz
Skip opening the pdf and go straight to print! (Brings up a dialogue for choosing the printer) Note: currently using a pretty limited package for printing that probably only works on unix computers and requires a pdf to be created before printing.

## puz solution

puz answer crossword.puz
Logs the crossword's solution to the console.

## puz stats

puz stats crossword.puz
Log out the puz file's metadata
--json Log as plain json